Event Date:- 27/03/2020 to 30/03/2020

Event Venue:- Main Ground

Rules and Regulation


  • All teams must take the field with 5 players and 3 substitute players must be there.

  • No offside, no throw ins.Goal keepers can pass the ball out with their feet or throw it out with their hands.

  • Goal keepers cannot come outside of their goal circle at anytime.

  • Goal keepers may not pick the ball up if it has been passed to them from a teammate.Goal keepers cannot kick the ball out of their hands.Serious foul play will be punishable by yellow and red cards.

  • In the event of a penalty being awarded, all penalty takers can only take one step before striking the ball.  

  • All players are allowed to enter the penalty area.

  • The decisions of the referee will be final.

  • Players registered to AMFA will not be allowed.

  • Players should bring their ID card of their respective institution/college/school.

  • All teams should report to the Futsal  organizer  30 minutes before the match.

  • Teams who don’t report in time should comply with the decisions taken by the Futsal organizer.

  • Players should bring their own football kits and jersey; organizer will not be responsible for any lack of kits.

  • Duration of a full match will be 20 minutes.

Event Co-ordinators

Francis Thangminlen Haokip

Contact no. :- 8131823460 

​Shingayai Chahong

Contact no. :- 9383066289 

Thangzakai Lhungdim 

Contact no. :- 7630903734 

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