Audition date:- 22/03/2020

Event Date:- 29/03/2020

Event Venue:- Main Stage

Rules and Regulation


  • The age of the participants should be 8 years and above.

  • The dress/costume of the participants should not be provocative (for solo cultural and modern dance, participants should wear appropriate dress/costume according to their choice of songs).

  • For group dance, minimum number of participants per group is limited to 3 (three) and maximum to 15 (fifteen).

  • The duration of the dance must be in the range from 3 to 5 minutes.

  • The participants are required to reach the venue 1 hour before the competition.In case of any situation, the decision of the organisers will be final.

  • Dance performed in the audition cannot be performed again in the main event for all categories.

  • For group dance, if in case, any of the registered members of a participating group are absent on the audition day, then the absentees will not be allowed to perform in the main event (only those members present on the audition day will be allowed to perform in the final day.

Event Co-ordinators


Contact no. :- 8794365139  

Monica Kom

Contact no. :- 81320 13314 

 Satyajit N.

Contact no. :- 7085296874  

Monika Naoroibam

Contact no. :- 8974180761  

Devya Aribam

Contact no. :- 70854 99670 

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