Event Date:- 27/03/2020

Event Venue:- Main Stage

Rules and Regulation


  • Cosplay is an all-ages. Participants of ages under 15 must be accompanied by a guardian.

  • Participants must specify and name their skits/act at the time of registration. 

  • Play flights and similar acts are to be performed on the stage only.

  • Offensive language of any kind is not allowed.

  • All contestants must adhere the rules set forth by the organisers of OUGRI.

  • Participants are advised to enter the venue in full costume preparation.

Costume Rules

  • Extreme vulgar depictions are prohibited.

  • Props with sharp edges and firing items with any kind of ammunition are prohibited.

  • Contact lenses of all kinds are allowed.

  • All costumes must be worn decently and should not be provocative or too revealing.

Performance rules

  • Participants are given 20 seconds to get ready and report backstage after their name has been called.

  • Skits are given 3 minutes to sashay, interact and perform.

  • Visual and audio aids are to be submitted prior to the start of event.

  • No food, animals or remote control devices are allowed on stage.

  • Climbing onto the stage or leaping off the stage or throwing items into the crowd are strictly prohibited.

Event Co-ordinators

Lanchenba Ngangom

Contact no. :- 8259908696

Devya aribam

Contact no. :- 7085499670 

Wahengbam Ratankumar 

Contact no. :- 9612065118

Gaidindai Rongmei

Contact no. :- 8730076210

Maikuila Sophia P

Contact no. :- 9612315438 

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