Metal Nite


The best we have saved for the last.
Introducing to you the band headlining the Metal Nite of Ougri 2020, the 8th Edition, the Groove Thrash Metal Band from Dhaka, Bangladesh the mighty 'Trainwreck'.
With 10 years down the road and achieving numerous positive acclamations from music lovers all around the globe, the first Bangladeshi Band to win the Wacken Metal Battle, Indian Subcontinent and proving their worth in the 30th Edition of Wacken Open Air,2019 the band are coming over for the first time to Wreck Imphal on the night of the 30th of March,2020.

The show will be opened by Kaicho, a rock and roll/heavy metal band and followed by old school heavy metal band, illegal.

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 Arun Bhujel

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