Battle of Bands

Audition Date:- 22/03/2020 and 23/03/2020

Event Date:- 29/03/2020

Event Venue:- Main Stage

Rules and Regulation


  • All band must contain a minimum of three members

  • Band may bring a roadie to assit them in set up and break down and that person must also be listed in the registration form

  • Only the band member and the roadie listed in the registration form will be permitted on stage

  • All band must agree to have their name,voice and/or likeness used in any broadcasting or advertising material relating to this contest without compensation or right to royalties for such use

  • All band members are requested to refrain from anything relating to obscenity and violence. Be it the lyrics ,dressing and provoking gestures of the band members .This battle is a college oriented event

  • All the band member under the influence of any kinds of drug or illegal substances will not be tolerated

  • All band members must reach the back stage 30min prior to onset of the battle to check in with the coordinators. The last call will be 15min before the battle begin

  • All band members are requested to be courteous and respectful towards other participating band

Event Co-ordinators

 Thotmungam Ningshen 

Contact no. :- 7085350489  


Contact no. :- 9612900984

Neli Kadena

Contact no. :- 7085350489

Equipment and on stage rules:-

  • Basic PA system and monitor  and drum will be provided but the other essential equipment will be the sole responsibility of the respective bands

  • Band members are responsible for the security of their own equipment

  • Each band will be given the opportunity to play 3 songs, of which one should be their original

  • Each band will be allotted with 30mins of time including all the lineup, sound check and the performance

  • The next band can start for their set up in the background while the present band is performing provided the band on stage should not be disturbed

  • The band should not use pre recorded sound materials

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