With the onset of spring, everyone anticipates for the morning dew,the birds chirping and the pretty flowers. It won't be too much to say that the spring seasons bring back life to every possible thing. It also brings back one of the most high profile Cultural festival of the country, 'OUGRI' brought to you by 'National Institute of Technology, Manipur'

'19 Theme - "Drift into Utopia"

For thousands of years, human beings have dream of perfect worlds, worlds free of conflict, hunger, and unhappiness. An ideal community that possesses highly desirable nearly perfect qualities for its citizens. As our societies are diverse and have conflicting desires hence, it is still a challenge in achieving the aforementioned Utopian society. The time has come to defy all odds, overcome all the conflicts and the obstacles and and strive to create a perfect world for us to thrive in. A world that is synonymous with 'One for All and All for One', the utopia. This Ougri, come and join us as we come together to build the envisioned perfect world, as we ''Drift into Utopia''.


NIT Manipur, Langol Campus, Imphal West, 795004, India


Thrusday to Sunday
28 - 31 March


"Imagine Beyond"

Ougri has been one of the biggest college festival going on for years. The first Ougri festival was held honoring the theme 'Imagine Beyond', a three days extravaganza with full of colorful cultural and technical events.


"Rhapsody in Disguise"

The second Ougri was brought to us under the theme 'Rhapsody in Disguise' in its heart, was organized successfully with the extension of one more day.Since then, every year at the advent of the four day extra-vaganza. Ever since the beginning of the Ougri, the 'Blood Donation Camp' is being organized with the helping hand of the Lions Club of Imphal City, thereby hoping to contribute in every way possible to the society in terms of healthcare as well.


"Beat the Tide"

The third Ougri was organized successfully having the theme 'Beat the Tide' in its heart.


"Carnival of Serenity"

The fourth Ougri was organized prosperously honoring the theme 'Carnival of Serenity' thereby aiming for calm and peaceful environment.


Tales of Ingenuity

The fifth Ougri, presenting the theme 'Tales of Ingenuity',brought to us the one and only Space Exhibition for the first time in the entire NE region. The event was such a great accomplishment and contribution to the people of Manipur and to the whole North-East. It delivered numerous innovative ideas, motivation and inspiration to achieve and learn more in space technology to the students and to the people who witnessed the exhibition. In the cultural essence, the fifth Ougri revived the 'Ougri Hangen Chongba', introducing the event at the iauguration day of the Ougri festival honoring the culture and tradition of the Manipuris.


"Escape Into the Horizon"

The 2018 edtion encouraged us to pack our bags and escape into the realm of something entirely new. The norms were breached by the energy of this cultural and educational extravaganza.